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ISBN: 0-88739-461-2
206 pp.
Size: 5.25 x 7.75
Pub Date: 01/2003

Paperback Original
Price: $14.95

Vertical Man, The

Matthew D. Dalton

Thaddeus Nickels just lost his job. He has misplaced his wife. The bank is about to foreclose on his house, and his steroid-pumping neighbor wants to kill him.

The author of a moderately successful science fiction series, Thaddeus is in San Francisco to put some distance between himself and his problems. He's the reluctant keynote speaker at a sci-fi convention packed with loved-starved, pimply-faced geeks. Enter Timothy Lance, a mysterious genius with an intriguing business proposition: he wants to buy the rights to a book about trading God on the stock market that Nickels hasn't written yet. What follows is a 24-hour roller coaster ride through the damp streets of San Francisco. The cast of characters includes Joey, an overzealous fan; Lloyd, a homicidal maniac with cable-access dreams; Sophia, a seductive barfly-cum-Federal agent; Rome, Thaddeus' doomed father; and Timothy Lance, the entrepreneur-king of a genetically-perfected human race, who wants Thaddeus to write the New, New Testament.

Review: "An intriguing brain-warper of a novel that not only entertains, but fascinates."
-Joe R. Lansdale, author of Edgar Award Winner The Bottoms

"In the great tradition of the pulps, The Vertical Man looks at your brain, sees the cocktail, and proceeds to suck it up through a straw into its own skewed, aching and compacted reality. Reality. The little concept that couldn't. Matt Dalton knows his stuff."
-Jeremy Gluck, author of Skull vs. Necrotrivia and lead singer of The Barracudas

"Matthew Dalton keeps a keen eye in the rearview mirror for treasures disguised as roadkill on the pulp highway...with his cast of geek rock characters and new millenial freaks, he cuts a ripe slice of life out of a world not yet stripmined by tradition."
-Chuck Prophet

Bio: MATTHEW D. DALTON is a California native, born and raised in the south and educated in the north. A graduate of St. Mary's College of Moraga, he holds a Master's in Creative Writing from the University of San Francisco. Mr. Dalton manages three bookstores in the Bay Area. He lives with his wife and son in Oakland.

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